#HowTo Deal with Social Media Separation Anxiety

Posted in Middle Child New Media Marketing by Lindsay Fultz
10 Jun 2011
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If you build it, they will come.  Well what happens, when you build it and they come and then you leave…?  You built something from scratch.  Something…that became your baby, your passion, your path…And now for one reason or another you need to separate yourself.  What is the grieving process?  Is there one?  And how long is the hangover?

I can tell you first hand it’s not easy and there is no blue print but after having a number of heart to hearts with friends and family, that chapter of your life, is about the connections you made and experiences you’ve had.  Do not let any ill feelings capture or steal that away from you.  Here are 8 tips that helped me break on through.

1.) Grieve!  You’re allowed to.  It’s like a divorce. The fault does not lie on one party, but on both.  It wasn’t a happy marriage to begin with – both parties will be happier once the signatures are on the dotted line.

2.) Get moving! Yes it’s ok to grieve but don’t just sit there and feel sorry for yourself.  You know that gym membership you’ve never used because you were so tired…? Yeah, use it!  Endorphins do a body good!

3.) Cut yourself off. Unfriend, unlike, un-follow and unsubscribe is a great cleanse! It may seem harsh but trust, in the end it’s for the best.  Stalking is not cool or healthy and always leads to more trouble.

4.) It’s okay to say no.  For the longest time you MAY have been accustomed to always saying yes to your employers.  Well break that habit.  It’s not harsh to say no to a former colleague that asks for help on doing tasks you used to do.  If they are your friends, they will understand the situation you are in.

5.) Ask for help.  You have people that care about you.  You have family and a network that was formed based on transparency, trust and now friendship. They want to help you  so get it all off your chest.

6.) Embrace the unknown! Open and see what’s behind doors one, two and three!  See what else is out there.  Live, laugh and love what pays the bills – Yes it is possible and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more you can accomplish when you are happy.

7.) Be thankful for all the little things life has to offer.  Sounds simple but for the longest time you may not have had the luxury to enjoy the weather, sit outside at a cafe and have brunch with a friend because you were stuck in your cubicle slaving away.

8.) Network. Tap into your connections and industry contacts and events and stay involved and relevant.  This is your time to shine, don’t be shy.

Trust, you built that city off rock n’roll and you’ll build another.

If you’ve gone through social media separation anxiety before what are some tips you can pay it forward and pass on to others who may be going through this situation?


  1. 7 Comments.

    • Jose D. Ramirez says:

      Bravo my friend! I applaud your new found success. It definitely pays off to network within your community.

      It is really important to embrace our journey and learn from it. At the end, no one can ever take our experiences away nor achievements. Your talent is evident in so many ways and will continue to open new doors for you.

      No one can restrain true talent, they may try but at the end they will not succeed. In my opinion, they fear someone that brings it hard every single time and see it as a threat rather than valuing you as an asset. Some brands aren’t ready for NEW MEDIA. Felicidades!

    • Eric Lukazewski says:

      Congratulations Lindsay – I’m so proud to see this site and this blog as a 100% reflection of you. I can only imagine the liberating feelings you’re going through.

      Such a timely post for me. Thank you for sharing. Your willingness to share ideas continues to inspire.

    • Lindsay Fultz says:

      Thank you Jose for all your support along the way. More proof that one can not close themselves off from networking…even with competitors along the way. Everyone is valuable and has something very unique to offer!

      Eric, you the man! Remember back in the day we had a little bet…to see who could get away with saying #Tungle and #Pujols in a blog first? Witness…!

    • Oye Akintan says:

      May Middle Child New Media Live Long and forever. I’m very excited to read the inspiring first blog. Keep up the good work. I met you through networking and very happy to have met you. It only goes to show that when one door closes another sure opens.

      Best wishes!

      • Lindsay Fultz says:

        Thx some much Oye! So glad to have met you too! You have such a warm, awesome presence about you! It’s so crazy to think that we all would have never met if it weren’t for Twitter and networking at industry events like tweetups! Very blessed.

    • Susan says:

      I find myself in a similar situation right now. Shocking, I know! My life seems to have taken over my world. My lifestyle takes time, and as much as love my virtual network, I love myself more right now. So I have taken a pause. And I miss everyone, but I need to focus on me.

      So rock on lady! Do your thing. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Kudos to you for pursuing your dream.

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