How To Market Your Brand with Spotify Contests and Polls.

Posted in Middle Child New Media Marketing by Lindsay Fultz
3 Aug 2011
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*pic courtesy of Tyler Lawlors

Music is one of those things that bond and bring people together and yet separates us and lets us know it’s okay to be different.  Music empowers our inner self or alter ego and rises us up to get us through a grueling workout and achieve new heights. Music gives you the confidence to break up or move on from your last relationship and on cue sees you through to the next.

Lyrics influence peoples views and saves lives.  People, like myself, get lyrics tattooed on them everyday because the words are comforting and so deeply engrained and in sync with our emotions and experiences you become one. When you hear certain songs do they not bring you back to a specific moment in your life where you relive it all?  You can remember the song, the lyrics that where playing at each point in time of the event, what you where wearing, what you where experiencing, what you were feeling and the smell.

Recently Spotify rolled out to the U.S market in limited trials.  Spotify allows users to create and socially share playlists on Twitter and Facebook.  Users can also subscribe to other user playlists, recommend songs to their network and see what everyone has been listening to by viewing their “top tracks.”  All these Spotify tools got me thinking not only is music is a powerful aphrodisiac but also a powerful marketing and selling tool.

In my best High Fideltiy Top 10 List attempt:  How Brands Can Utilize Spotify as a Engaging Marketing Platform:

1.) Brands can create social good playlists to create New Brand Ambassadors by empowering and championing a cause, charity or special event.  Can take it a step further and use Spotify playlists as a poll and donate money to the cause with the most subscribers.

2.) Musicians, radio stations and brands can create playlists that contain hidden messages, hints, spoiler alerts, codes etc, in their playlists for contests. Subscribe, social share and guess to enter.

3.) Create a special playlist and the 1st X amount of people to subscribe and social share win.

4.) Scavenger hunt. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego/Where’s Waldo type of game. Radio stations and T.V shows like Ellen and Conan I could see having some fun with this one.

5.) Brands like Travelocity can create a playlist that hints at where the Roaming gnome is or where he is going next.  Subscribe, guess and social share to enter to win a free trip.

6.) Fans can create a playlist of what a musician/bands set should be. Share, tag and vote. Winner gets VIP treatment.

7.) Musicians can create a number of playlists and the list with the most subscribers is their concert set. Artists can then create a playlist of their set performed live for their fans to subscribe to and share to relive the experience.

8.) Musicians can also create playlists of their influencers (fans love this shit) and playlists of songs mentioning or hinting where they are having a secret performance. Limited number of people that guess correctly win a pass.

9.) Music venues can also create a wish playlist of artists and bands they would love to have play at their venue and create weekly playlists of upcoming performers as well to get that “wish list” band booked and get people pumped and more tickets sold.

10.) Tribute playlists celebrating the lives of artists, celebrities and pubic figures no longer with us and and even of T.V shows that have been canceled which could be used as a marketing tool to get it picked up again.

What do you think?  Does Spotify provide opportunities for Brands to creatively engage and market?  Or is it just like all the other music options in the past?


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