The cover letter that got me my dream job at a hot tech startup.

Posted in Middle Child New Media Marketing by Lindsay Fultz
31 Jul 2012
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We’ve all read stories on how people landed their dream gig at a hot tech startup and helped it grow to be one of the biggest names in social. One story that has always stuck with me is Tristan Walker, formerly Biz Dev of Foursquare. When I read his story, I was thriving in a dead end job. Four walls, 9-5 and preparing daily, weekly, monthly TPS reports. I managed to thrive because I get bored easily and am proactive, passionate, curious and social. But I wanted more. I wanted a free thinking creative space where people were constantly innovating and igniting.

Fast forward to present day – For the past 5 months I’ve been the Marketing Manager at a new tech startup, Love It, LLC. LoveIt is a visual, social discovery platform where you can search, discover and visually bookmark the web. Import, organize and curate your findings and collaborate and share in public or private. Together, the team of 21 people at LoveIt are working on building the next evolution in social discovery. Every day is an adventure. Every day is different. Every day is inspiring. Every day is a challenge and I’m constantly learning and growing alongside some pretty kick ass people.

If you are just getting started in the tech scene or are looking to break down your four walls and barriers you have to be proactive, passionate and curious.  Below is the cover letter that led to my breakthrough.

I rock the shit out of marketing, social media marketing, branding, strategic relationships, Digital and F2F PR and have fun doing it. You know it’s true…The Huffington Post says said so.

Here are just some of the reasons you should bring me in for an interview.

Recent Press/Awards

★ Contributing Writer Bit Rebels. Here are my most recent contributions.
Twitter Mentions Are The New You’ve Got Mail & Celebrity Autograph
Social Media Personalities: Basic Cable vs. HBO
Get Creative & Think Unique: The Vuja De Approach
★ Named Social Media’s Rising Star in the Events Industry by Event Solutions Magazine. Featured in Aug/Sept 2011 Edition. 2011
★ Named one of the top 42 Passionate Business Women on Twitter – Huffington Post, TwitterPowerHouses Series: “Passionistas”
★ Named Successful Outstanding Blogger – Liz Strauss – SOB Badge Recipient 2010
★ Named Most Inspirational Blog by #Eventprofs Industry 2010
★ Sales Dept achieved record breaking sales goals in a recession.
★ Decreasing marketing budget by $70k and increasing new media revenue by $300k
★ Created a social good campaign that increased sales and raised $25k for charity (American Cancer Society, The National Stroke Association and Make a Wish Foundation)
★ Created an email marketing campaign that brought in over $60k in just two months.

Public Speaking Engagements on Marketing:
The Special Events: Creating a Branding Strategy using Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies to Create Relationships and Stimulate Your Events Business
Panel: Stories from the Bleeding Edge: How REAL companies are translating social media into SALES

BizBash West Coast Social Media Lounge Co-host and Twitter Event Moderator

The Special Event: Google Plus business strategy for ROI – Marketing Masters

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

My Twitter: @LindsayFultz
Google+ LindsayFultz

I don’t recommend this approach to everyone.  It just goes to show to stand out, be yourself, trust yourself, be able to back it up and as always, whatever you do, rock the shit out of it. 

And yes, the first thing the CEO and founders of LoveIt, said to me in the interview was, “we just had to meet the girl that said shit in her cover letter.”  My kinda guys, my kinda company. 

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